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Information and Services Online – This page is currently under review.

Here is a general list of sites, info and organisations concerning autism that you might find useful.  Some may not originate from the UK but have been read and are useful resources.

Living Autism –

Sheffield Hallam University

Autistica :

Autistic Intelligence:

Ideas Lancashire:

Autism Initiatives:

Hendrickx Associates:

Lancaster University Research on Mobile App: Dee Daglish 01524 592679, or look on the forthcoming events section of the Department of Educational Research website

National Autistic Society:

Young Peoples Mental Health and Wellbeing:

TAC Interconnections Bulletin

Special Needs Jungle

Sleep Disorders and Autism

(Selective) Mutism

This is also known as situational mutism and is an anxiety-based mental health disorder sometimes co-morbidly present in the autistic population. It usually commences in early childhood and individuals may be able to speak fluidly in specific situations and then appear frozen and consistently silent in others.  Obviously when both conditions appear concurrently, this makes communication extremely difficult.

With the correct interventions individuals can be aided through their difficulties in order to live an independent life. The key is patience.

Kizzy Felstead

FIND Newsletters

The Features of Autism

National Autistic Society Advice:

Local Diagnostic Service for Adults:

Lancashire Autism Service:

Post Diagnosis

Staying Connected as a Couple:

Help for PIP and DLA

Many of us feel we can complete these forms independently, however, due to changes in the system most would benefit from an advisor such as someone from Barnardo’s, Citizens Advice, Understanding Autism, Scope UK, Disability Rights UK and Fightback.  There may also be others.


It may be useful to take an independent advisor/companion along to a face-to-face assessment and if necessary along to a tribunal. Again, some of us may feel able to attend these independently, however, having a friend, family member or other attend with us can be helpful in times of stress.

Useful Information

An interesting legal document which is circulated around magistrates

For a useful overview see pages 382-412.

Support for grief and loss through death,divorce or serious life change :

Coping with addiction:

Teenage Years:

For Girls:

Understanding Autism North West

Individuals websites:

Donna Williams: author, poet and musician –

Gunilla Gerland (you will need to log into Facebook): author, lecturer, debater –‎

Birger Sellin: who is the first non-verbal autistic person to become a published author in Germany. His first work was ‘I Don’t Want To Be Inside Me Anymore: Messages from Autistic Mind’ –

Liane Holliday Willey: author and blogger-

Temple Grandin:  a noted animal expert and advocate for autistic populations who has penned the books Animals in Translation and Animals Make Us Human –

Rudi Simone:  is a good all round info site

There is a textbook on Autism called ‘Lives with Autism’, edited by Steve Mee. Copies can be purchased online or can be ordered from the libraries.

Also, there is a series of books available, edited by Luke Beardon and Genevieve Edmonds, containing various chapters written by AS individuals on various subjects. Titles are:
 – Asperger Syndrome and Social Relationships
 – Asperger Syndrome and Employment
 – Aspies on Mental Health: Speaking for Ourselves

Below is a link to a really inspirational story and a reminder of the positive nature of AS!

If anyone has any additional information which could provide informative links, please contact:

News and Events

SMIRA (Selective Mutism Information & Tesearch Association) Conference 2019

This conference was held in Leicester, 30 March 2019. Speakers considered SM and ASD; SM pathways and useful information for schools, colleges and universities.  The conference was well attended by families, SM individuals and professionals and was well led.  There were also two presentations by SM individuals who managed their presentations with the use of technology.  Enlightening and useful to meet parents and professionals alike.

Kizzy Felstead